Charting Masterclasses

What will students learn in our course?

  • The ability to view a technical chart objectively and focus on the key elements
  • Gaining an understanding of how we look at the world of chart trading, opening new paths to forecasting
  • Achieve a detailed, in depth view of the analytical processes required for success

Who are our target students?

  • Anybody wanting to learn or deepen their technical analysis or chart trading skills
  • Anybody seeking a new vantage point in the analysis of an instrument i.e in addition to fundamental analysis
  • Ideal for people looking to gain the ability to time market moves and anticipate future directions
  • Individuals who wish to have the ability to identify opportunity and risk more accurately

High Level Course Outline

  • You’ll be with your mentors/teachers over the span of 2 days (8 hours per day)
  • In a quiet, very limited student virtual classroom, you’ll be able to get direct access to Kevin and Patrick
  • Together we will learn how to analyse technical charts using a variety of techniques
  • As part of the analysis process we will look at some charts of your choice

Day one

  • Big picture, being on the right side of the long-term trend and cycle
  • A look at how to use ‘weight of evidence’
  • Looking at past case studies
  • Combining signals from indicators & the relevance of differing time frames
  • Consolidating the learnt skill sets with some “live challenges” and some homework assignments
  • We will review together homework the next day

Day two

  • You will have the opportunity to apply your now enhanced thought process through the tools & techniques learnt
  • More advanced techniques – our unique approach/style
  • Review homework & do some “next level” challenges to validate tool selection and their applications for unique instruments

Day three

  • A half-day “drop-in” session 1 week later for participants to ask follow-up questions

Introductory offer 2800$ USD

  • 2 mentors for a very limited student class over weekends
  • Kevin and Patrick carefully selected their “most effective” techniques
  • Optimal dedication to each individual
  • Adding value by using your asset/instrument as actual work cases

Course dates

  • Course #1 May 22nd/23rd/29th 2021 – LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE
  • Course #2 June 19th/20th/26th 2021 – LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE
  • Course #3 July 17th/18th/24th 2021 – FULLY BOOKED

Feel free to contact Kevin & Patrick at with ANY questions or book your place here

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