So I popped up the original table in the heat map ratios.

After drawing my diagonal line across the table, I’m able to see the changes since the last chart axis re alignments.

Gold is up 4 = oil down 1 + Uranium miners down 2 + spx down 1.

Silver and Platinum same same. Bitcoin and gold & silver miners same same.

So lets look into gold more closely. It is still underperforming 30 year yields and uranium metal.

Below is the daily heat map layout for 30 year yields versus gold. While it is still above more important moving averages, a clear topping formation is in progress. A break below that rising support line and a drop back to 700 day moving average is to be anticipated.

Uranium looks tighter versus gold. Still breaking down from a rising trendline. Still above 700 day moving average. Uranium can start leading the dance again once it closes back above the possible next “wake up line”.

$ux $gld $yield

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