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Welcome to the next generation!

Now, heading to northstarbadcharts.com gets you to the NEW and ACTIVE landing page.

The top menu bar includes access to all website areas + log in/out facilities.

All the other menu items are now localized, in the more intuitive website layout. Nothing is lost and now much easier to access.

There is a “universal powerful search bar“. Use it to find anything across the entire website.

That top bar is also always visible. You’ll always have access to the menu and search from there.

The first slider row is the “Latest website information”

Below that, you get the “Latest posts”. This show you 5 posts at once glance (on a regular computer screen, less on smaller screen devices, such as phones). You can swipe to get a total of 25 latest posts.

If you want more, click on “Latest posts (explore all)”

After that, there is our “latest podcast reviews” of various market sectors, requests reviews, and more.

The next row is a grid with important pillar areas of the website.

“Beginners guide” is where you can get the most basic information about the website, and what we offer.

“Start trading” will bring you to all our trading tools. You will find our current open trades, the heat map, live charts and more.

“Email Notification” is where you can subscribe to receive emails when posts with categories of your interests are posted. This is also where you can subscribe to get alerts for open and closed trades from the Trade Tracker.

“Chart Requests” is the area you can add your desired chart requests and see those that are already open.

“Your Favorites” is the hub to see all the posts you flagged during your website exploration.

“Learning Center” includes latest website information, video guides to website, charting tips, masterclass videos (for premium plus members) and quarterly live stream.

“Membership Tools” are for your personal account management.

Below those important website areas, we created a slider for you to “Choose your category” covering main interests of the investment world.

“Latest comments” are the most recent comments members have written on the posts. You’ll see those on the main page, right at the bottom. Just scroll all the way down.


“Start Trading” from the main landing page brings you here. 8 more pillar areas, but all related to actual trading.

“Risk and Money Management” is a key learning area to understand our practices of position structure in our trades.

“Trade Tracker ‘OPEN ONLY'” is a stripped down version of our fully detailed Trade Tracker.

“Trade Tracker” is our classic, fully featured Trade Tracker table. It has ALL the metrics we track. Also includes previously closed trades.

“Trade Tracker PLUS” is visible to Premium PLUS members only. It is enhanced with risk and money management metrics for “candidate” trades.

Initial Position Sizing based on “Star Rating (Entry Date)”

  • 5 stars 2%
  • 4 stars 1%
  • 3 stars 0.5%
  • 2 stars 0.25%
  • 1 stars 0.25%
  • Swing Trades (any stars) 0.25%

Scale in process: Possibility to add more risk % on top of a position.

  • Any stars that gains a 5th star, NEW position size to fill out delta to 2%.
  • We’ll create an extra row in Trade Trackers to represent new entry date, entry price, stop-loss, profit-limit for the delta in risk % added.
  • We might decide NOT to add a position, and amounts of risk can vary depending on current weight of evidence.

Legend to better understand advantages vs disadvantages of each star.

Our Star Rating system based on our ‘weight of evidence’ techniques reduces bias to giving a scientific approach to chart trading.

Description of metrics tracked:

  • Instrument Name – Name and link to all posts we have done for that instrument
  • Ticker – TradingView format ticker so you can find this easy
  • L/S – Long or Short
  • Star Rating (Entry Date) – Each star represents an important milestone, each with particular advantages/disadvantages. 1 star is the wake-up, while with 5 stars you are on full throttle mode
  • Risk:Reward – Risk is always 1, the value you see is the reward
  • Risk % NAV – Depending on the Star Rating, we weight the risk appropriately
  • Risk per 100K NAV – Amount you can lose for that trade if you respect the entry/sell-stops
  • Reward per 100K NAV – Amount gains if profit limit is reached
  • Pos. Size per 100K NAV – # of shares: calculation based of Risk % Nav and entry/sell-stop
  • Pos. Value per 100K NAV – amount of purchase: calculated based of Risk % Nav and entry/sell-stop
  • Entry Date – The exact date we entered the trade
  • Entry Price – Simple, price on entry date
  • Current Price – For open trades, actual price
  • Distance % From Entry – For open trades, how far in % are they from the Entry Price
  • Unrealized P/L – For open trades, current profits or loss if you exited right now
  • Sell Stop – Set in stone
  • Profit Limit – Non-greedy targets to exit with a gain (used to calculated risk vs reward ratios)
  • Exit Date – Date the trade was closed
  • Exit Price – Price the exit was completed
  • Realized P/L per 100K NAV – Amount your Nav changed once a trade is closed

No more guesswork – an objective assessment to help inform your decision making with sound risk and money management protocols.


  • Star Rating – Identifies the best low risk, high reward entries
  • Prices – Always in the currency from the country’s index

“Ratio Tracker (Kinesis Friendly)” use our Ratio Tracker and try to increase your Oz of Silver or Gold. Can also be used to swap Bitcoin for Gold, Silver, Ethereum.

“Heat map” is our visual tool to rapidly spot what’s hot & what’s not!

“Heat map ratios” is our visual tool to rapidly spot what’s hot & what’s not!

“Live Charts” are the instructions to get all our TradingView annotations, on live data feeds.

“Performance Dashboard” is a one stop shop to see our trading metrics, win/loss, nav gains and more!

Below that is a carrousel slider row with ALL our open trades.

Finally right below are the latest posts for Trade Tracker, Swing Trades, and Trade Tracker PLUS (for premium plus members).

Learning Center

The learning center pillar will bring you to a section with more slider rows.

First row is “Latest interviews”

Second slider is the “Latest posts in learning center” row. These are charting tips. Very useful to understand some of our charting techniques.

Premium plus members will get access to the “Previous Masterclass Recordings”.

Watch the following slider row “Latest posts for Masterclass” to see when the next Masterclass will be scheduled (again, for premium plus members only).

The last row is for information on our “Quarterly Live Stream Q/A”. Information about the next scheduled live stream for all members is posted here.

More about this website…

Firstly, thank you so much for showing interest in our charting community. However you found us, we’re delighted to see you here, so that we can help you navigate the markets and make more informed investment decisions.

Launched on Monday May 3rd 2021, this site is the culmination of collaborative work between Northstar (Kevin Wadsworth) and Badcharts (Patrick Karim).

  • We both have a strong presence on Twitter, but found that we were getting asked many times for charts that we’d already done in the recent past.
  • It can be very difficult to find what you’re looking for on social media generally.
  • This site provides you with much easier access to all of our charts via an intuitive layout
  • Most high value actionable charts will be posted here and not available anywhere else.
  • Our social media accounts will continue, but this site will be the ‘jewel in our crown’ where we showcase our best work.
  • Our charting styles are distinct from each other, but, we feel, complimentary to each other.
  • We make no attempt to ‘synchronize’ our charts so that they tell the same story.
  • It’s better (we think) that our work remains uncompromised, giving you the benefit of both our perspectives.

As much as we would like to answer every question posted, it is, of course, not possible. We do read them though, and will answer as, and when, we can. If there is a common theme/question/problem/request, rest assured we will react accordingly.

As the site develops, we’d like to encourage a ‘community feel’, with members having discussions around the topics raised by the charts.

From time to time, either one of us will take a week or two away from the screen to enjoy some family time/holiday/vacation. The beauty is that with two of us here, the site will always be updated regardless.

We are both technical analysts (not financial advisors), so cannot give individual investment advice.

Please use our charts as they’re intended – to help you make properly informed decisions, helping you to weigh up the evidence and stack the odds in YOUR favour. That’s what it’s all about really – nobody knows the future with 100% certainty, but these charts, taken as a whole, should keep you on the right track – navigating the ups and downs of these turbulent markets.

Happy investing.

Kevin & Patrick

Who are we?

Some previous chart work…