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Who are we?

Hello, I’m Kevin Wadsworth, chart trading since 2008 (over 15 years experience).

I have over 30 years experience as a professional meteorologist producing forecasts in a variety of civilian and military environments, and working with the emergency response community, along with delivering training here in the UK and overseas as part of large international projects.

I also have broadcasting experience (National TV, local TV, BBC Radio and online).

I’m based in the UK and really look forward to sharing my expertise

Hi to all! I’m Patrick Karim and have been chart trading since since 2007 (over 16 years experience).

Had a fulfilling 20 year career as an Unix/Linux systems engineer. This helped me refine my analytical approach to chart trading.

Closer you are to what actually matters, more efficient you can be. And of course, those are the actual price charts!

I’m based in Québec, now fully dedicated to chart trading and mentoring

About this website…

Launched on Monday May 3rd 2021, this site is the culmination of collaborative work between Northstar (Kevin Wadsworth) and Badcharts (Patrick Karim).

  • Our scientific, ‘weight of evidence’ market analysis incorporates sound risk and money management protocols.
  • The proprietary “Heat Map” and “Trade Tracker” tools provide macro analysis and individual stock selection.
  • As sound money advocates, we are proudly partnered with Kinesis Monetary.
  • We are both technical analysts (not financial advisors), so cannot give individual investment advice.

However you found us, we’re delighted to see you here, so that we can help you navigate the markets and make more informed investment decisions.