REGISTRATION Closed – Masterclass Course

What will students learn in our course?

  • How to spot low risk high reward setup, key to avoiding fear of missing out
  • When to enter, when to take profits
  • Develop the ability to view a technical chart objectively and focus on the key elements
  • Gaining an understanding of how we look at the world of chart trading, opening new paths to forecasting
  • Enhance you current skill sets with our weight of evidence approach

Who are our target students?

  • Anybody wanting to learn or deepen their technical analysis or chart trading skills
  • Anybody seeking a new vantage point in the analysis of an instrument i.e in addition to fundamental analysis
  • Ideal for people looking to gain the ability to time market moves and anticipate future directions
  • Individuals who wish to have the ability to identify opportunity and risk more accurately

High Level Course Outline

  • You’ll be with your instructors over the span of 7 hours
  • In a virtual classroom, you’ll be able to get direct access to Kevin and Patrick via interactive voice/chat facilities
  • Together we will learn how to analyse technical charts using a variety of techniques
  • Interactive “live” practice with teachers
  • Skill acquisition validations

7 hour course agenda

  • Kevin outlines arc theory, nuanced approach to drawing trend lines/areas, tuning ideology for moving averages/indicators & how to effectively manage price scales
  • Patrick deep dives Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis. Entries, riding the trend and profit taking exits
  • Kevin deep dives his famous arcs, how to identify and properly draw them & establishing risk vs reward. Evidence gathering plays a large part, and Kevin explains the parallels between this process and the techniques used in weather forecasting (particularly ‘ensemble’ forecasting).
  • Patrick’s most effective setups. Identifying fear and greed. Moving averages, Volume Profiling, Clouds, Multi Time-Frame analysis and more
  • Patrick’s technique for spotting powerful momentum trends with rate of change analysis. Customizing indicators to enhance signal strength.
  • Patrick & Kevin delve into “Advanced” arc and dome theory, how they intertwine and establishing probabilities of possible outcomes. Arc genesis, placement, etension and associated ‘fanlines’ and retracements. Will include interactive practice with students, so that these techniques, and the advantages they provide can be properly appreciated. Arc targets, alternative arcs, extending arcs and ‘angled arcs’.

Masterclass course – $800 USD

  • 7 hours with 2 instructors, includes open interactive chat facilities
  • Kevin and Patrick carefully selected their “most effective” techniques
  • Deep dive our advanced nuanced weight of evidence approach
  • Interactive “live” practice with teachers
  • Skill acquisition validation
  • Class recordings and learning material included

Course dates

  • Masterclass Course Advanced – Saturday Jan 22nd 09:00-16:00 EST

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