Next Masterclass & Q/A (Premium PLUS members only)

Date and time (once per month)

Technical Stuff…   

The course will take place interactively via Microsoft Teams. If you don’t already have this installed on your PC/laptop it’s available to download here     

You will need to get an account with  (free or you can upgrade), and it would be a good idea to practice using the drawing tools on there so that we can answer any questions you may have.    
See you all soon!

Patrick and Kevin

What will students learn in our course?

  • We will cover a variety of key topics in each session, and will include…

  • How to spot low risk high reward setup, key to avoiding fear of missing out
  • Understanding when/how to enter AND take profits (understanding opportunity cost)
  • Developing the ability to view a technical chart objectively and focus on the key elements
  • Enhance you current skill sets with our ‘weight of evidence’ approach

Who are our target students?

  • Anybody wanting to learn or deepen their technical analysis or chart trading skills
  • Anybody seeking a new vantage point in the analysis of an instrument i.e in addition to fundamental analysis
  • Ideal for people looking to gain the ability to time market moves and anticipate future directions
  • Individuals who wish to have the ability to identify opportunity and risk more accurately

High Level Course Outline

  • You’ll be with your instructors over the span of 90 minutes
  • In a virtual classroom, you’ll be able to get direct access to Kevin and Patrick via interactive voice/chat facilities
  • Together we will learn how to analyse technical charts using our most effective techniques

Masterclass course – $300 USD*

(*FREE of cost for Premium PLUS Members => JOIN HERE)

  • 3 hours with 2 instructors, includes open interactive chat facilities
  • Kevin and Patrick carefully select their “most effective” techniques
  • Deep dive our advanced, nuanced ‘weight of evidence’ approach
  • Includes Q/A, your chart requests and charting questions.
  • We use interactive mentorship teaching techniques
  • Access to all previously recorded Masterclass course sessions.

Feel free to contact Kevin & Patrick at with ANY questions