Trade Tracker Performance

Risk and money management is a concept crucial to any traders arsenal.

  • It will create a trading environment where you can be “wrong” on more than 60% of your trades but still make your NAV (Net Asset Value) grow.
  • The basic principles are to minimize losses, but also risk more when the probabilities are skewed in your favor (using our unique 5 Star Rating system).

Let’s start with the actual closed trades in the Trade Tracker.

  • About 60% are closed at a loss, while 40% at a gain. Yet don’t be alarmed, this is actually quite normal.
  • The key is that using our Star Rating system, we risk less % of our NAV on lower ranked instruments (1-3 Stars), while we risk a greater % on the 4 and 5 Star Ratings.
  • Gains outweigh the losses by a factor of about 8 to 1.
  • So far we have closed 65% of our +70 total positions. Average holding time is over 200 days.
  • The high yielding instruments were Star Rated 5.
  • See how a Star 5 generates a higher avg P/L (profits and losses) per trade (100K NAV) than all Star Rating 1-4.