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Both Pat and I are genuinely sorry that it’s come to this. We’re not going to go down the road of making a habit of discussing fundamentals, global politics and geo-politics. That is very much NOT what this site is about. However, a full-scale invasion of a sovereign European nation deserves comment/response.

We’ve both been highlighting for a number of years that the technical charts are pointing to a huge shift (a ‘paradigm’ shift). That means a ‘changing of the guard’ – a whole new investment landscape. In order for that to come about, we knew the ‘fundamentals’ would reflect what our charts were telling us. The two gold charts in my tweet above are proof-positive that TA leads global events. If you can interpret the language of a chart, it can literally tell you the future – or to be more precise it can tell you what the various probabilities are of future events. In this case, the gold charts arc told us in 2019 that we were going back to the all-time high. Experience has taught me to expect a long period of pullback/consolidation after that, stopping at a key level of support. The 3rd part of my forecast was the hardest and most worrying – it was going to breakout. Why ? I didn’t know. What I did know though, was a ‘cup & handle’ on that scale was a once in a lifetime event. I estimated the size of the handle, drew the chart and posted it on September 19th 2019…

Like everyone, I’m upset and deeply worried about Putins aggressive acts and thinly veiled threats to use his nuclear arsenal. He said there would be ‘immediate response with consequences never seen in history’ if West retaliates to Ukraine attack’. Strauss & Howes ‘Fourth Turning’ appears to be in full force, and with the world, and global financial system struggling with unbearable debt and the effects of all the recent Covid restrictions, things look pretty bleak.

All we can do is help to guide you through this as best we can in terms of your savings and investments, but. We hope for the best, prepare for the worst and track the charts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

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