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Launched on Monday May 3rd 2021, this site is the culmination of collaborative work between Northstar (Kevin Wadsworth) and Badcharts (Patrick Karim).

Our scientific, ‘weight of evidence’ market analysis incorporates sound risk and money management protocols.

As sound money advocates, we are proudly partnered with Kinesis Monetary.

We are both technical analysts (not financial advisors), so cannot give individual investment advice.

However you found us, we’re delighted to see you here, so that we can help you navigate the markets and make more informed investment decisions.

Meet Your Experts

Kevin Wadsworth (UK Based)

Chart trading since 2008.

Very large following on social media.

Background includes 30+ years experience as a professional meteorologist.

Producing forecasts in a variety of civilian & military environments, working with the emergency response community.

Delivered training in the UK & overseas as part of large international projects.

Broadcasting experience (National & Local TV, BBC Radio & online).

Patrick Karim (Québec Based)

Chart trading since 2008.

Very large following on social media.

Background includes 20+ year experience as a Unix/Linux systems engineer.

Strong analytically oriented thought process.

Earlier background in psychology helps understand the importance of emotional capital.

Focused on reducing noise, making trading simple with objective weighted evidence.

Proven Trading Framework

✅ Focus on low risk, high reward opportunities

✅ Designed to reduce noise

✅ Learn how to sell/exit into strength

✅ Avoid opportunity cost

✅ Never feel regret or fear of missing out

✅ Preserve your monetary & emotional capital

✅ Regain control of your investments and trading

✅ Kitco News

✅ Bloomberg Television

✅ Yahoo Finance

✅ Palisades Gold Radio

✅ Financial Spaces on “X” (formerly Twitter)

✅ Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

We Offer “Best VALUE for PRICE” In The Industry

Choose the subscription plan that fits you most!

B=BASIC (Less Than $0.70 A Day)

PP=PREMIUM PLUS (Includes Masterclasses)

BU=BUSINESS (Exclusive Custom-Fit)
+ Written market commentary, with high resolution annotated charts (over 4200 publications since May 2021)
+ Each written commentary has a unique discussion section (you can share charts and ask questions)
+ Most markets covered (precious metals, energy, uranium, yields, currencies, tech, crypto, and more)
+ Our latest appearances (and guest interviews)
+ Podcast Reviews Level I (Market Round-Up, Requestcast)
+ Podcast Reviews Level II (U-Cast, Cryptocast, Minercast, TT-Cast, and more)
+ Trend Navigator System with Live Alerts (wide range of instruments across a variety of time frames)
+ Star Rating System (proprietary rating system for trade selection, includes proper risk and money management)
+ Road Maps (great for long term investors, tracking major bull/bear cycles)
+ Ratios (great for gold, silver, bitcoin and ethreum stackers)
+ Heat Map (our proprietary "visual" rating tool, with over 460 instruments tracked)
+ Heat Maps “Ratios” (helps spot the best performers, with over 20 major asset classes and sectors)
+ Live Charts (over 200 instruments tracked, along side our annotations)
+ Performance Dashboard (see our offically Tracked Trades' performance metrics)
+ Notifications sent to your inbox (get emails when a new post is published, includes trade notifications)
+ Search facilities (fully featured search by words and/or categories)
+ Track Your Favorites (flag important posts for future review)
+ Message Hub (includes discussion sections, direct messaging, can upload and share your own charts)
+ Direct Messaging (access us directly and privately)
+ Chart requests (we already provided reviews for thousands of member charts requests)
+ Support and guidance (we are aware of the steep learning curve and readily available to help)
+ Guide to our Star Rating System (detailing in full our trading framework)
+ Risk and Money Management (our detailed approach to sound trade pratices)
+ Trading versus Stacking (detailed crib sheet, including our trading principles)
+ Exiting Strategies (explore our techniques to sell into strength versus weakness)
+ Buy & Hold versus Trading (understanding your emotional profile and choosing the correct trading style)
+ Our methodlogy Illustrated (in-depth look at our trading framework)
+ Trading Routine (from looking at charts to entering a trade)
+ How we setup our chart layouts (custom indicators, settings, and more)
+ Charting Tips (detailed insights on how and why we annotate charts the way we do)
+ Glossary Search (with hover over descriptions for technical terms used throughout the website)
+ Town Hall Q/A (quarterly scheduled live stream, previous recordings available)
+ Behind The Scenes Watchlist (exclusive look at next hotest potential trades' live charts with annotations)
+ Live Charts "Plus" (exclusive access to our chart layout with our most effective indicators)
+ Live Charts "Business" (even more live charts layouts)
+ Chart Requests Prioritization (your chart requests get top priority for handling)
+ Heat Map Requests (request your instruments be considered for addition in our Heat Map)
+ Directional Tracker Requests (request your instruments be considered for addition in our Directional Tracker)
+ Trade Tracker Requests (request your instruments be considered for addition in our Trade Tracker)
+ Big Picture Tracker Requests (request your instruments be considered for addition in our Big Picture Tracker)
+ Live Charts Requests (request your instruments be considered for addition in our Live Charts)
+ Dedicated Message Hub (exclusive communication channel)
+ Prioritized Direct Messaging (faster response time)
+ Direct Chart Requests (bypass chart request facilities)
+ Masterclass Courses (regularly scheduled live stream, over 30 hours of previous recordings available)
+ Private Sessions with Kevin or Patrick (12 hours per annum)


“I could have saved over $30,000 in investment mistakes if I had subscribed a year earlier.

I am thrilled with this service and will continue to use it for a long time.

As a recent retiree, I need to put the investment odds in my favor, and I am confident this service will help me achieve that.”

“Hi Kevin and Pat,
I have been a member for a few years now, and I was a member on 2 other sites also. Next to that I had been following some others through newsletters and twitter. it has been a real learning curve for me and my son on how to read charts.

I have quit now all other sites, as they create to much fomo, whilst you guys have been much smarter on assessing not to step in, I would definitely recommend your service to others.

You have been right all the way.

finance manager
extremely helpful
great value for money”

“Hi, I am Paul a portfolio manager and I find your research extremely valuable.

I would rate the service a 5 and have recommended your service to several others.

Keep up the good work!”

Five star service. Best charts available.

I am a retired aerospace engineer who spent 40 years analyzing data and exercising risk management.

I am still learning from Kevin and Patrick.”

“Hey Patrick, circling back to thank you as the above, timely chart spurred my interest in conducting additional research, lead to exiting a position up 18%, short period of time, prior to decline!

While I did not misconstrue said chart to be investment advice, this TA guidance along w/ other Cat 5 vectors…

You And Kevin Rock!”

“Hey Pat ! I’m a paid member of your service. Been following your work for a couple of years on Twitter. No exaggeration, all data and research based..

Despite me showing some of my friends everything you got right, some people just don’t understand !! Most people have 0 patience and want things to move up every single day..

Thanks for keeping people on the right side of markets ! extremely satisfied with everything you and Kevin do..

…You both make sure emotions don’t get in the way, so quality of decisions are better”

“2.5 years a happy member. The higher time frame analysis really helped my swing/day-trading and being more confident in the markets.

The best value for the money!

Thanks team.”

“My jobs are as a closed captioner (provide the captions at the bottom of your live TV) and grower of most of my family’s food on our tiny plot.

I LOVE this service.

It matches my view of the world and way I want to invest using technicals, not feelings.

I do not find my brain is wired to see the patterns in the charts easily, so it is super helpful to have you laying it out in a way I can absorb quickly.

This service is an amazing value for the money and I would recommend it to anyone and have already recommended it.

This is a 5 star service that provides members with clarity around probabilities via multiple evidence sources.

It saves me from spending so much time fishing around for information and having to make guesses based on a patchwork of facts gleaned from elsewhere.

I am a very happy subscriber.

Brian, retired nurse.”

“I tried two other charting services but settled on northstarbadcharts because it was the best.

Your methodology is very clear and the emphasis on risk management means less errors and …. less errors!


“New member here. Excellent detailed coverage.

The cost of the service is excellent value indeed.

I pay more for 3 other services and they follow different analysis techniques.

Many areas of concurrence but you are the most conservative of the 4. That’s just fine based on your 5 star approach.”

“I am so glad to have found you both. I follow you on twitter as well. I was a 30 year banker/lender responsible for large risk management to the company I worked for in the day to day. I now dabble to (hopefully) supplement my retirement, but it has become much more fun than that now, with your help.

What I noticed straight away was your refreshing honesty and caring attitude towards a careful approach to investing (when there is a sea of grifters and liars rampant in the industry).

With me being a novice, I must say I have come a long way through watching you both. Im quite proud of myself actually but all credit goes to you both; you have imparted much confidence overall and that is in itself priceless.

I feel like this service is the anchor keeping me from going financially adrift.

I have entered Kinesis now and love that as well as have recommended you several times for both services. Currently your service is sufficient for my level of understanding and as I get more experienced, I may be able to offer a more constructive ask.

Until then.. thank you.”

“I find Kevin and Patrick’s charts extremely useful; they are well annotated and easy to understand, and their accompanying analyses provides superb commentary.

Excellent value for money and would definitely recommend. An outstanding 5 star service.

(Derek, retired traded options market maker)”

“This subscription is great value for money. Helps with FOMO for sure. Often cycle changes last for months, even years so no need to guess the bottom. (Something your methods help us all to get through our heads).

So yes, would highly recommend to others and would rate 5/5.

Appreciate your guys:)”

“There are three primary benefits I get from the service: 1) the elimination (or at least a significant reduction) of fomo; 2) learning how to do technical analysis; and 3) greater awareness of other stocks. I plan to subscribe for quite a while longer, but if the price were higher, maybe not for as long.

I rate it a 5.

Jim, Payroll”

“Hi Kevin, both you and Patrick provide an in depth view of the markets and stocks.

Since joining I have made considerable gains on particular stocks eg BOE and others with your calls.

You have alerted me to possible bull runs in uranium, gold and silver and what to wait for.

“Having spent 40 years in the FX markets, and whilst being a fundamentalist at heart, charts were part of my toolbox, but you guys bring charting to another dimension and a multi dimensional one at that which lays out a very clear risk/reward pathway in the markets.

So pleased to have signed up and would recommend to anyone.

A true 5 star product that every investor should look to use.

All the best Andy”

“I came over to see what you two guys were putting out as I highly rate you both. And am so impressed I’m sticking around.

Happy to recommend the service too.

As you know I do my own chart work, yet it’s always good to have another barometer [Sic] to measure against.

Keep it up guys.”

“Been a real estate investor now for twenty-five years. Still working at a full-time gig and been a member since the site was founded.

At first on my own I was using the shotgun method and shooting from the hip and hoping for the best. With this service I have learned proper risk and money management and the value of charts. I mean if you are going to buy something one of the first things you look at is the price. What price was it previously, is it on sale, what are the prices of other similar items. It’s all in the charts.

Just one trade last year has paid for this subscription for years to come. Awesome value for the price and both Kevin and Patrick are down to earth and quite approachable and responsive to any comments and inquiries.

Frankly there is no other duo I would want on my side in this coming commodities bull market than those two!

Another very satisfied client giving a 5 by 5!


“I love your work.

I feel its great value for money.

Am a watercolour artist who also trades and is most busy taking care of twin 10 year olds 🙂”

“I especially like the fact that there are 2 great chartists, Kevin and Patrick.

Together they can cover greater market areas.

If one gets sick or goes on a vacation, then the other can still keep producing material.”

“Hello Kevin and Patrick, your service is very useful and very good value for money.

I give you 5/5 because I learn a lot of things thanks to you.

I can recommend your service to all the people around me who want to become a little more professional in the stock market and trading.

Job: I am a salesperson in France”

“I spent a few years watching various financial channels on YouTube before subscribing to Northstar & Badcharts. As an engineer, the methods they use seemed to make the most sense to me for my interests – medium to long term trading. In the few years prior, I had traded with a few wins but many losses.

I have been subscribed for just over a year now and have more than paid for the cost (which I see as a great value).

Had I subscribed sooner I would have been further ahead of where I am now. I choose just to trade 5 star plays that are released in the trade tracker. I use the recommended %NAV and trade both retirement IRAs and other accounts. I don’t have time to do the technical analysis myself and I would not be as thorough or accurate if I did.

I am confident I have turned a corner in taking control of my financial future by subscribing to the services here. I still watch other financial channels on YouTube for information and entertainment but won’t make a trade without the 5 star breakout from Northstar & Badcharts.

I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to be independently financially successful without spending a ton of time doing it. – Doug”

“Hey guys, Glad you asked this. Was looking for a way to show appreciation other the star-system.

Member for 1,5 year and don’t think I will ever leave. 5 stars. Priceless.

I am an advocate to those who want to hear. Opened up a way of understanding trading and finding trades on my own I didn’t knew was possible before. And loving those htf charts.

Still learning and trying to keep up. Precious metals afficionado. Was hoping to also find a way to enjoy the uranium market. Couldn’t have guest I would be able finding my own (miner) trades now with your system.

I am around your age and trading for pension / early retirement. Self-employed (ict).”

“Tom/Operations Manager at Morgan Stanley –

Yes, I’d recommend this service (definitely at the lifetime 50% off rate I locked in).

I have lots of $ in the sectors you cover so well worth the analysis you provide as an additional factor for me to consider.

Your analysis keeps me balanced and often shows the downside possibilities I wouldn’t usually think about.”

“Hey Kevin and Patrick.

Airline pilot
Extremely helpful

Incredible value for the money.

This might sound strange BUT reading and understanding charts came easy to me. It’s funny because I notice these natural reoccurring chart patterns (trends/resistances etc) in aerodynamic/meteorology.
Perhaps my studies in being a pilot helped set the ground work for understanding TA.

Note: other people (other people on the internet) sell opinions and narratives you guys sell a repeatable science.”

Hi Kevin and Patrick,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the amazing work you both do. I became a member in November last year and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made.

I look forward to many more years of learning from you and appreciate all the hard work you put in.

All the best,
Daniel Brown

“Indispensable evidence based information.
Excellent VFM.
Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars would recommend to all
Retired Bank Operations Manager

“Hi Kevin, re your questions.
1.- I find the service useful. It provides clear rules-based analysis and entry/exit points.
2.- It is teaching me to be patient and wait for confirmation before pilling the trigger on a buy signal. I still struggle there. Not because of FOMO but because I feel I could have had a better, earlier entry. Judging from how 2, 3 and 4 stars trades have fared I know I would have been biting my nails while stomaching losses as the trades develop and wondering if I was an idiot while holding. Then also thinking I should have jumped in earlier.
3.- I have certainly recommended the service
4.-Suggestion: have more frequent TTcasts, handholding the nervous guys, like myself!
5.- GOOD value for money
6.- Javier. Head of Commercial

Keep it up Kevin &Patrick

Waiting for the Silver and Gold confirmation. Boy, it’s got me itching”

“Dear Kevin and Patrick,
NSBC is the finest newsletter available for the “common man” in my opinion. Your education is invaluable. I have recommended NSBC to many in my family and my work colleagues. And the value or worth of the information for the low cost is very high.

You score a 5 in terms of returns on my investments. 5 being the highest.

As my name implies I am a doctor and business owner. I believe in sound money such as gold and silver, not fiat currencies. I believe in the power of our businesses in the world and I vote for less government in our lives.

Wishing you health and wealth and a happy and blessed holiday season ahead.”

“Very helpful. Very clear ‘badcharts’. Look forward to each one. Scientific approach. Have delayed my entry into Gold and Silver miners. Thanks so much for that. Doing fine with Uranium thanks for that. Hanging on the clear break out for Gold and Silver. Stacking nicely. Weight of evidence. Thanks for that.
GM for a global franchise network.

Brilliant value for money.

Not over blown or over hyped like many.
Totally. Although I share the insights with my son.”

“Geophysical Data Tech (hurtling toward retirement)
Extremely Helpful (love the annotations and graphics)
5 Value Rating (5 being the best)
Highly Recommend

As everyone should, I try to take as little risk as possible, but have in the past let emotions guide my investment decisions. I also had been pretty much petrified in handling the investments of a disabled sibling, fearing I might ruin her accounts.

Having found and followed you both for months through other YouTube sites, the logic of your approach slowly dawned on me, thus intrigued I had to jump to your subscription.
It was a bit to comprehend at first, but like a revelation when it finally clicked.

Having this knowledge actually halted my ongoing traunchs into the precious metal commodities space to take advantage of more promising breakouts that I agreed with you were coming… just not yet. I can say that holding reserves for the bigger opportunity has not been easy for the likes of me, but I’m happy now that I chose to pay attention to your charts.

A few of your uranium calls have saved my bacon, and I look forward to the call that gold and silver are finally breaking out also.

I was a Twitter follower even before the subscription, but the subscription is where its at!”

“Very helpful.

Great value.

Saves me a lot of work not having to do my own TA.
Yes. Already have.
4 cup-and-handles out of 5.

I’m a retired IT consultant turned part-time entrepreneur.”

I wish I had subscribed earlier.

I would actually made some profit past few years. Charts are clear and easy to understand.

No need to fomo or try bottom picking.”

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